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throught wise market. A lead smart devices
platform in Australia.

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Our vender registration process consist of 3 steps that need your and your company’s basic info, contact , address , shipping information and some documents for verification purpose. We collect this because

  • Customers feel confident while buying from a trusted seller.

  • Your complete profile with correct details will ease in shipments and payments.

Track time anytime from anywhere

our efficient system update venders about orders in no time so that you can dispatch it right away. Our advanced inventory and sales tracking system provide all the tools they need for their sales management. It has

  • Order graph that enable vendors to see the states of sales at any period of time.

  • It also gives you complete insights of stock, sales and returns of all the time.

Track time anytime from anywhere

To secure the interest of both buyers and vendors, we have one of the most secure Payment method and secure mode of sale. We support paypal, stripe , and bank transfer In all over Australia.

  • We insure secure transaction for both vendor and buyer.

  • After successful sale, you can get your funds instantly in your paypal or stripe.