Controlling the hazardous
impact of e-waste

E-waste is a global phenomenon that is taking a heavy toll on the environment. Our appetite to get the latest iPhone, laptop, or smartwatch means the old ones become redundant. They either gather dust in our drawers or end up in a dumping ground.

Facts speak for themselves:

In 2016 the world generated 44 million tons of e-waste. It rose to some 52.21 million tons in 2021, and if we don’t act responsibly could go as high as 4 billion tons by 2100 . It is worth around a staggering US$57 billion, which is higher than the GDP of more than 120 countries. Only 17.4% of this e-waste is recycled, while the rest rots away, releasing harmful gases in the air.
Sadly, mobile phones make up a major chunk of the e-waste. Its casual discarding is particularly disturbing because it contains expensive elements like cobalt, tungsten, gold, silver, lithium, etc. Researchers believe almost 7% of the world’s gold is now dumped on e-waste sites. The junking of mobile phones further increases its carbon footprint, which isn’t very low in the first place.

How is the world tackling e-waste management?

Some 67 countries have already legislated to tackle the issue of e-waste. Technology giants like Google, Apple, and Samsung have set up lofty targets to promote and adopt the culture of reuse and recycling and start using renewable production materials. Substantial e-waste contributors like China, the US, India, UK are looking at sustainable ways to recycle huge piles of e-waste and put it to use to minimize their adverse environmental impact.

How Wise Market is helping contain e-waste?

Wise Market is doing its bit in managing the mounds of e-waste. It encourages the users to switch to refurbished phones and aims to reduce the load of e-waste. It procures used phones from reliable sources and checks them for possible faults and errors. After removing those faults, the phone is repackaged and sold at a reasonably lower price than the new phones. In this way, the phones that otherwise might have ended in a landfill get a new lease of life. The demand for new phones decreases, and the carbon footprint of producing a new phone is also eliminated. It is a win-win situation for all, which is environmentally sustainable and is the need of the hour.

Benefits of e-waste management

Of the several benefits that one can accrue from e-waste management, we list a few of the major ones below;
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Saving precious natural resources
  • Less waste accumulation
  • Refurbished phones: a viable way of curtailing e-waste.

Benefits of a refurbished phone

A refurbished phone is a pre-owned phone that the owner has returned to the seller shortly after using it
By opting for a refurbished phone, you can avail many benefits. The most obvious is that you get a value-for-money deal, an almost as-good-as-new phone at a much discounted price. You also contribute to the cause of a greener planet earth and encourage the recycling culture. If you look at it, it is a win-win situation where everyone benefits.

Why choose Wise Market to buy refurbished phones?

Great value
Wise Market offers its phones at the most competitive price possible. You get your full money’s worth in the best possible way.
Guaranteed quality
Our in-house engineers and technicians painstakingly check every mobile phone for possible errors or defects. They ensure that every phone is free from any fault and then give it their seal of approval for sale.
Dependable vendors’ network
Wise Market procures 90% of its stock within Australia through its local partners. It has a reliable network of dealers and distributors to maintain healthy stocks.
Free express parcel shipments
Whether you live in metros or the suburbs, you will get a free shipment via courier anywhere in Australia. It is another great advantage because the customer won’t have to pay any delivery charges.
Shop with confidence
Wise Market carries an unprecedented warranty of 13 months on all its mobile phones. Usually, buyers are apprehensive about refurbished phones, but when they get a 13 months warranty, all their fears go away, and they can confidently make the purchase.
Our phones keep going
A battery is pivotal to the smooth working of the phone and probably the number one concern for the buyer when buying a refurbished phone. All the Wise Market phones undergo rigorous battery testing and perform at their optimal capacity of at least 80% or more.
Help centre
A spirited after-sale service and support always gets a positive nod from the buyer and makes him loyal to you. Wise Market provides round-the-clock customer support to its clients throughout the year. No matter what the problem, they will find a solution for it.
Australian in its purest form
Wise Market is proud of its Australian origin and ownership. It is a business that stays close to its Australian roots and serves its customers with the zeal and passion that is purely and uniquely Australian.
Price beat guarantee
It is a unique feature that is peculiar to Wise Market. Did you find a better deal elsewhere? We'll beat the price by $20! Yes, you read that right.
To be eligible, the offer must include:
  • • 13 months warranty
  • • Similar cosmetic condition
  • • Includes shipping and handling
  • • Same-day shipping included
If the device you saw on another site meets the above criteria and offers a lower price, please send a link via LiveChat or Help Center to our customer service team. We will provide you with a more valuable deal. * Offers do not include eBay, Facebook MarketPlace, and other auction sites.
Blancco testing software
Blancco is a trusted name in data security and management, and it specializes in secure data erasure for the reuse of devices like laptops, mobile phones etc. Wise Market uses Blancco testing and diagnostic facility to check errors and determine the phone’s true value. The Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure (BMDE) is an industry-leading tailor made solution for mobile phones processing. It performs easily configurable diagnostics tests for checking the phone’s condition. Wise Market runs BMDE on all its phones before offering them for resale to give a quality product to its users.

Blancco also provides reliable and the quickest data erasing facility for both Android and iPhones. Wise Market also makes use of it to make the phone ready for resale